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Silent Suffering: Learning to Listen When Your Dog's in Pain

"Dogs are incredible at ‘coping’ with discomfort. Some suggest it is due to them wishing to mask their pain and avoid appearing vulnerable. Others suggest the only option is ‘to cope’ when you do not understand there is an alternative" - Canine Arthritis Management

Dogs, like all animals, experience pain and may not always show obvious signs of discomfort. If left untreated, pain can have serious physical and emotional consequences for dogs, and can lead to changes in behavior, decreased quality of life, and even aggression.

By learning to recognize and respond to signs of pain in our dogs, we can help ensure that they receive appropriate care and treatment, and that they can continue to live happy, healthy lives.

Possible Signs of Pain in Dogs


Slowing down or stopping on walks

Stiffness when getting up after rest

Hesitating when using stairs

No longer jumping up onto the sofa

Lameness or limping

Dragging their feet


Acting more grumpy

Reluctant to play

Licking area of pain

Pacing at night

Panting or Whining

Depression or low mood

Sensitive to Touch

Reactivity to Dogs or People

Loss of Appetite or Not Eating


Hunched back

Avoiding putting weight on one of

their legs when standing

Changes in body shape due to muscle loss

Holding their head low

Tucked tail

Different sleeping positions

Paying close attention to signs of pain or discomfort in our dogs can lead to significant improvements in their quality of life. By addressing pain promptly and effectively, we can help our dogs feel more comfortable and happy, and reduce the risk of long-term health problems. Ultimately, by being proactive about monitoring our dogs' health and well-being, we can help ensure that they are able to lead full, happy, and healthy lives.

For detailed information, visit:

Canine Arthritis Management


Information compiled with the help of Canine Arthritis Management

About the Author: Ashley Diaz is a dedicated pet owner and animal lover with over 10 years of experience providing professional pet care. With certifications in applied animal behavior & training, she shares her knowledge and insights on pet ownership, behavior, and welfare in her blog. Outside of her work with animals, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, practicing yoga and playing the piano.


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